Community Links:

Family Resources

San Diego Family

Information, activities, and resources for San Diego families.

San Diego Parent

Information, events, and resources for parents in San Diego.

Being a Step-Parent

Information and articles about step-parenting.

San Diego Step-Parents Meetup

Support group for step-parents.

Kids Turn

Services for children and families experiencing family separations, such as divorce or military transitions.

General Community Resources

San Diego Access and Crisis Line

Mental health crisis hotline and referrals to mental health service providers.
(888) 724-7240

211 San Diego

Referrals to social services of all types within San Diego county.

Military OneSource

Family, financial, legal, employment, and social services for military members and their families.
(800) 342-9647

The San Diego LGBT Community Center 

Activities and services enhancing the well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV communities.
(619) 692-2077

Aging and Independent Services

Programs and services for the elderly, adults with disabilities, and their families.
(800) 510-2020

Southern Caregiver Resource Center

Support services for family caregivers caring for adults with chronic and/or disabling conditions.
(858) 268.4432

San Diego Regional Center

Programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.
(858) 576-2996

Alcohol and Drug Information and Treatment

Information, tools, and programs to address substance abuse and addiction.
(800) 487-4889

Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Crisis Line

Crisis hotline, information, and service referrals for domestic violence or sexual assault.
(888) 385-4657

San Diego Health and Human Services Child Welfare Services 

Programs and services related to child welfare, including  Child Abuse Hotline

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